The Horror Show with Brian Keene - Episode 60

Rachel Autumn Deering joins Brian and Dave in studio to discuss why she's leaving a successful comic book career for prose, her work on Diablo III, how to run a successful Kickstarter, and her new novel, HUSK. Plus, Iron Maiden's plane crash, and the forthcoming comic book crash?

Yes, indeed! My appearance on Brian Keene's podcast is now live. Give it a listen and learn a thing or two about my childhood, my taste in music, my arcade collecting habits, and my plans for the future of my writing career.


It's about ten 'til four in the morning as I type this. I just got out of a shower I forced myself to take because I couldn't sleep. I always have trouble sleeping the night before a roadtrip. Where am I headed, you might ask? East!

I'm bound for Pennsylvania in a few hours, to record an episode of The Horror Show podcast with my friends, Brian Keene and Dave Thomas. I'll be talking mostly about Husk (doing promo means I can write this trip off on my taxes), my work in comics, horror movies, heavy metal, and whatever else the boys see fit to chew the cud over. I have no idea how we're going to fit a conversation with me into an hour, but we'll see how it goes.

I'll post the links to the podcast once it's up (likely next Thursday, 3/24) so y'all can give a listen. Until then, wish me luck on the road!
Husk is available now on Amazon. Pick up a copy on KINDLE or in PAPERBACK!

    Rachel Autumn Deering

    Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated writer, editor, and designer.


    March 2016